We offer a wide selection of products to complement your logo
Please provide as much detail as possible regarding your request so that we can better assist you.

  01 ◆  How to order?

Show us your design and/or copy and tell us the date you need your pins.
We will determine which manufacturing processes can be used to produce your pins and provide you with the cost for each process.
You provide artwork or our art department will prepare it for you.
In most cases, a 50% deposit is required on first orders. Credit will then be established for future orders.
A confirmation copy of your order will be sent for your review and approval.
Freight and any applicable sales tax will be added to your invoice.

  02 ◆ Do you have a "catalog"?

Generally we provide digital images by e-mail for individual products. However please check firstly on our web pages to find image and explanations of the products. For any further details of products desired, please feel free to contact us.

But remember that Sonier Pins is specialized in supplying customized products.

  03 ◆ How could I get customized pre-production sample?

If you need customized preproduction sample for your approval, we will ask you to pay for the samples. After receipt of your payment, samples to be ready for dispatching in 6 to 15 days, depending on the sample you are ordering.

  04 ◆ How can you get SPG manufacturing price lists for products?

Since the prices are fluctuating these days. We are unable to give out a stable price list.

Please contact our sales for quotation or further information: eva@add-gifts.com

  05 ◆ What is the special payment term for frequent orders (long term lasting business)?

After We(SPG manufacturing) run for your several orders/shipments, and we consider your company as a long lasting business partner. Then we can offer credit amount for you. Thus you don't have to wire the money so frequently for constant small amounts. It shall be a easier way for both of us to save some banking charges then!

  06 ◆ How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the products you are ordering, your location, and the shipping method you choose. All shipping alternatives are welcome according to your preferences.

  07 ◆ Can you arrange the transportation for us?

Yes. We can arrange Express courier, Air, and Boat (sea) transportation. Our experienced forwarders are able to ship the goods out, they have long term agreement with us, they can offer fast, safe and cheaper shipping.

  08 ◆ How can I get a tracking number of my order that has been shipped?

Whenever your order is shipped, a shipping advise will be sent to you the same day with all the information concerning this shipment as well as the tracking number.

  09 ◆ How do you ship the products?

The transportation way depends on client's choice. Freight depends on quantity, weight, volume, transportation way, destination country (airport, sea port ).

For small quantity or weight less than 50 kgs, sent usually by Express courier.
For orders from 50 to 500 kgs, can be sent by Air to the airport near you.
For big quantity or volume, sent usually by Boat (sea).

  10 ◆ What are your lead times?

Printing process: 3 weeks, Urgent order: 6 days is possible.
Photo etched: 3 weeks, Urgent order: 8 days is possible.
Stamping: 3 to 4 weeks, Urgent order: 8 days is possible.
Casting: 3 to 4 weeks, Urgent order: 12 days is possible.

11 ◆ What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We don’t have minimum quantity for all materials and processes.

  12 ◆ Will I get a mock-up or proof of my Lapel pin?

Yes, We(SPG manufacturing)do provide this facility to the customer as it is very important to ensure total customer satisfaction.

  13 ◆ What kind of format you can get?


  14 ◆ What are the different payment methods?

Telex Transfer (T/T)
Pay Pal (Visa/Master Credit card)

  15 ◆ What would be the best product for the best price?

It depends of the artwork. The artwork will define which process will best fit your inquiry between “Printing” and “Stamping”. According to the artwork, and your budget we will then be able to make our best recommendation.

16 ◆ Why can’t we use stainless steel for stamping?

Similarly to iron, Stainless Steel is a very dense material. When stamped, Stainless Steel might damage the mould. Furthermore, stamping Stainless Steel often results in a high default rate. Deformations and irregularities are frequent.

  17 ◆ Why can’t stainless steel be plated?

As general rule, it is that only Brass, Copper, Iron, Zinc alloy can be plated in our facilities.

  18 ◆ Why does a metal border requires an additional frame when offset printing?

The CMYK printing is based on 4 colors of reference: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. But the high definition of this process relies on the fact that these 4 colors are printed on a “white” background. In the case where the printing fits exactly to the outside cutting, the white color covers the whole surface. But if a metal boarder must appear, we will need an additional frame to define the surface to print in white, which will be smaller than the outside cutting.

  19 ◆ What is the difference between offset printing and silkscreen printing?

First of all, Silkscreen and Offset printing do not refer to the same color guides. Silkscreen printing is done refering to the Pantone color reference. On the other hand, Offset printing refers to the CMYK color reference.

Secondly, the two processes are used for different purposes; Silkscreen will be used for artworks with non-gradient printing, while Offset printing will be used for artwork with gradient colors printing (example: a photo picture)

Thirdly, the painting colours used for Silkscreen printing is thicker than the one used for Offset printing. Offset printing uses painting colours that are more liquid to get thinner grain and detailed definition.

  20 ◆ Can you sale the products with the logo or copyright design as shown in this website?

None of the logo or copyright design or company name displayed in this website are for sale or to be reproduced without the owner's prior approval & adequate authority document.

The items bearing copyright logos or company name illustrated in this website are only representatives of the effect obtained by using the advertisement.

  21 ◆ What should be the size and shape of the pin?

The pins come in various standard shapes like circle, oval, square, triangle or rectangle to mention just a few. The pins can be shaped to display the symbol or logo of the organization as well. Usually they range in size from half an inch to one and a half inch.

  22 ◆ What is the best manufacturing process for my design?

Here are many manufacturing processes in the making of a lapel pin to choose from. The most popular processes are the Soft Enamel process and the Cloisonne process. It is necessary to consider taking professional help before selecting the best suitable manufacturing process.

  23 ◆ What is the cost of the pins?

The cost generally depends on the shape and size of the lapel pin, the manufacturing process and colors used, and the safety pin as also the packaging of each individual pin. While some makers charge die and set up costs, others may not.

  24 ◆ How is the packing?

All pins are individually poly bag packed. Alternative packaging is also available.


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